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On this page you can download press releases, logos and artwork relating to our software.

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Bjørn Næsby Nielsen
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Latest Press Releases

Sononym announces the arrival of their
machine-learning-powered sample browser
15.08.2018 Download
Sononym demonstrates machine-learning-powered
sample browser at SUPERBOOTH18
27.04.2018 Download


Download all logos in a single .zip file: Download

About the logos

Full is our complete logo, including letters. Recommended for normal use.
Symbol is the circle only part only. Used for social media profiles.

Description Vector format (SVG) Bitmap format (PNG)
Full (black) Download Download
Full (white) Download Download
Symbol (black) Download Download
Symbol (white) Download Download


Various configurations of the user-interface (click image to download)

Dark theme - 1920x1080

Light theme - 1920x1080