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What is Sononym?

Sononym is a sample browser that offers a fresh perspective on how sounds can be explored and organized. The software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.



Powerful Sample Discovery

Sononym extracts a great deal of information from your samples and puts this information at your fingertips, including 'exotic' properties that you might not find elsewhere: perceived brightness, crest factor and timbre, to name a few. Combine this with powerful tools for searching, filtering and sorting samples, and you might just fall in love with your sample collection all over again.


Similarity Search

Similarity search enables you to find similar-sounding samples in your sample collection. Basically, pick any sound as input and "see where it takes you" - finding variations has never been this easy. The software can even record live audio and use these recordings to find new samples.


Duplicate Detection

Duplicate Detection identifies duplicate samples across your libraries. But it doesn't just detect identical sounds: by leveraging our Similarity Search technology it also looks for sounds that are nearly identical. So if you happen to own a sample pack with .wav and .aiff versions of every sample, you can use Duplicate Detection to streamline things, and potentially free up some disk space in the process..


AI-Based Categorization

While analyzing your samples, the software uses machine learning to categorize the content. The default set of categories in Sononym are broadly based around electronic music production and describe distinctive groups of sounds such as 'snare drums' or 'synth pads'. In addition, all sounds are classified as either looped or non-looped (one-shot) sounds.


Organizing & Exporting

Picking out sounds of interest and making them available elsewhere should be an effortless thing to do. But wait, isn't that what we have copy-paste for? True, but sometimes your project demands that you keep track of the file origin, that certain naming conventions are enforced, etc. In Sononym, this is the purpose of Projects: to bookmark, organize and export in a single workflow.


Cloudless, Not Clueless

Sononym is fully functional without an internet connection - no clunky 'online activation' to deal with, no risk of forgetting to 'deauthorize' the software - and we won't offer to upload your samples somewhere either. Sononym aims to be your deserted-island sample browser. That said, you are of course free to point your cloud-synchronized folders at Sononym: this is the 21st century, after all.

Testimonials & Reviews

Don't take our word for it. Here are some of the things being said about us

Jamie Lidell @JamieLidell
For sample making and navigating “todays” abundance I highly recommend this! More...
Will Morton @willmortonaudio
Sononym is a sound designers dream come true. More...
John Tejada @johntejada
Sononym is my new go-to for searching through my sample library. More...
Chase Steele @SoundSparkChase
Similarity search bridges the gap when typical keyword descriptions fail. More...
Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs
Sononym has become an essential tool for assessing the potential of my sounds. More...
Phlexton Studios
Sononym is magically great in finding sounds in the same „vibe“ More...


Ask.Audio Review: Seamless Sample Search
“Sononym is a sound designer’s best friend and a composer’s dream come true. It might even make you fall in love with your sample collection all over again”
Beat Magazine: Atlas vs. Samplism vs. Sononym
“With Similarity Search, Sononym has a truly extraordinary feature that works impressively well and eliminates just about any manual search for sounds.”
MusicRadar/CM: Sononym: Get a grip on your library
“The future for this new productivity tool is very bright indeed.”


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