Classes & Categories

Any sound in a library is automatically classified & categorized. The result is shown in the results table and can be filtered/sorted, just like any other descriptor.


Any sound in library belongs to one of these two classes:

LOOP - when the sound is found to have a looping or repetitive nature (no category).
ONESHOT - when the sound is non-repetitive (has a category).


When processing a sample, the software will determine how much it matches a(ny) of the built-in categories. There are dozens of categories, divided into Tonal, Percussive and Sound Effects.

Percussive Sounds

This category covers sounds with a mostly ‘percussive’ quality. That is, mostly (or completely) atonal sounds with a clear impact, leading into a sustained decay.

  • Bongos & Congas
  • Claps
  • Cymbal Crashes
  • Cymbal Rides
  • Hats & Shakers
  • Kicks
  • Metal Hits
  • Snares
  • Snips & Snaps
  • Toms
  • Vibraslap & Guiro
  • Vinyl Scratches
  • Wood Hits
  • Zaps & Blips

Tonal Sounds

This category includes sounds with a primarily ‘tonal’ character. The sounds can be both simple or complex, sustained or decaying.

  • Bass & LowKeys
  • Blips & HighKeys
  • Leads & MidHiKeys
  • Pads & Textures
  • Stabs & Orch. Hits
  • Triangles & Bells
  • Voice & Acapella

Sound Effects (XFX)

This category covers sound effects of various kinds.

  • Breaks & Smashes
  • Cracks & Rustle
  • Explosions & Shots
  • Nature & Athmospheric
  • Noise & Distortion
  • Sweeps & Lasers
  • Whooshes & Whips

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