Installing on OS X

With installer

  1. Download Sononym for OS X
  2. Click the downloaded disk image to mount it
  3. Drag the Sononym application to Applications
  4. On the first launch, OS X might ask you to confirm that you want to launch it.

Where does Sononym save data?

Program Folder - The shared application folder - usually, Macintosh HD/Application

Configuration Folder - Where preferences, log files etc. are kept.
The folder can be revealed by choosing Show log file from the Help menu. On OS X, it would typically be Macintosh HD/Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/Sononym

Documents - The default export location when adding files to a Collection.
The folder can be revealed by choosing Reveal in Finder when right-clicking a Collection. On OS X, this would typically be a path like Macintosh HD/Users/[User Name]/Documents/Sononym