Installing on macOS

With installer

  1. Download Sononym for macOS
  2. Click the downloaded disk image to mount it
  3. Drag the Sononym application to Applications
  4. On the first launch, macOS might ask you to confirm that you want to launch it.

Where does Sononym save data?

Program Folder - The shared application folder - usually, Macintosh HD/Application

Configuration Folder - Where preferences, log files etc. are kept.
The folder can be revealed by choosing Show log file from the Help menu. On macOS, it would typically be Macintosh HD/Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/Sononym

Documents - The default location for projects, recorded/cropped audio files, etc. The folder can be revealed by choosing Reveal in Finder when right-clicking a Collection. On macOS, this would typically be a path like Macintosh HD/Users/[User Name]/Documents/Sononym