Embedded Metadata Support

Sononym is able to display and search through embedded metadata from your samples - genre, artist name, track title, that sort of thing.

Supported Formats

These are the supported metadata formats:

  • APE
  • ASF
  • EXIF 2.3
  • ID3: ID3v1, ID3v1.1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 & ID3v2.4
  • iTunes
  • Vorbis comment
  • AIFF

Searching Data

Full metadata search is enabled by default, and can be controlled by clicking the “magnifier/loupe” icon on the right side of the search input:

When enabled, typing something into the search field will search all the available metadata in addition to the filename/path.

Displaying Data

Different types of metadata can be shown in the search results by right-clicking the table header. But, since there are many possible entries, we have decided to structure the menu like this:

  • All columns - all types of metadata, including rare/unusual ones.
  • Commonly Used - the most commonly used types of metadata (artist, genre, etc.).
  • Actually Used - the actually used metadata within the selected library.

Pictures (Cover Art)

The metadata can also include cover art, which can be viewed/accessed by making the “Picture” column visible, and clicking any link therein. This will display the picture in a popup dialog.

Alternatively, you can enable the Cover Art Panel (application menu > View > Cover Art) to view the cover art as a miniature picture next to the waveform:

This screen recording shows how embedded pictures can be viewed/accessed.

This screen recording shows how embedded pictures can be viewed/accessed.

Recognized Tags

Here are all the metadata tags that Sononym can display/search through.

Each of these properties can appear as a column in the search results table by opening the Column Options, or be referenced by Advanced Renaming

Name Description
track Track number on the media
disk Disk or media number
year Release year
title Track title
artist Artist, maybe several artists written in a single string
artists Track artists, every artist in the recording
albumartist Track album artists
album Album title
date Release data
originaldate Original release date
originalyear Original release year
comment List of comments
genre Genre
picture Embedded album art
composer Track composer
lyrics Lyrics
albumsort Album title, formatted for alphabetic ordering
titlesort Track title, formatted for alphabetic ordering
work The canonical title of the work
artistsort Track artist, formatted for alphabetic ordering
albumartistsort Album artist, formatted for alphabetic ordering
composersort Composer, formatted for alphabetic ordering
lyricist Lyricist(s)
writer Writer(s)
conductor Conductor(s)
remixer Remixer(s)
arranger Arranger(s)
engineer Engineer(s)
producer Producer(s)
djmixer Mix-DJ(s)
mixer Mixed by
technician Technician who digitized subject
label Release label name(s)
grouping Content group description. Used to group track titles in sections.
subtitle Contains the subtitle of the content
description Description
longDescription Long description or synopsis
discsubtitle The Media Title given to a specific disc
totaltracks The total number of tracks
totaldiscs The total number of discs
movementTotal The total number of movements
compilation Is part of compilation (unofficial iTunes Compilation Flag)
rating Rating score and, optionally, source (e.g. user e-mail)
bpm Beats Per Minute (BPM)
mood Keywords to reflect the mood of the audio, e.g. ‘Romantic’ or ‘Sad’
media Release format, e.g. ‘CD’
catalognumber Release catalog number(s)
tvShow TV show title
tvShowSort TV show title, formatted for alphabetic ordering
tvSeason TV season title sequence number
tvEpisode TV Episode sequence number
tvEpisodeId TV episode ID
tvNetwork TV network
podcast Podcast
podcasturl Podcast URL
releasestatus Releases status, e.g. ‘Official’, ‘Promotion’ or ‘Bootleg’
releasetype Release type, e,g,: Album
releasecountry Release country describes the country in which an album was released.
script Release Script
language Language used in metadata
copyright Contain copyright message for the copyright holder of the original sound, begin with a year and a space character.
license License Relationship Type (releases, recordings)
encodedby Encoded by (person/organisation)
encodersettings Encoder Settings
gapless Gapless album indicator (MP4)
barcode Release barcode.
isrc ISRC
asin Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)
musicbrainz_recordingid Release recording MBID
musicbrainz_trackid Release track MBID
musicbrainz_albumid Album (release) MBID
musicbrainz_artistid Track artists MBID
musicbrainz_albumartistid Album artists artists MBID
musicbrainz_releasegroupid Release group MBID
musicbrainz_workid MusicBrainz’Work MBID
musicbrainz_trmid TRM (TRM Recognizes Music) IDs were MusicBrainz’ first audio fingerprinting system.
musicbrainz_discid Disc ID is the code number which MusicBrainz uses to link a physical CD
acoustid_id MusicBrainz’ third and most recent audio fingerprinting system.
acoustid_fingerprint AcoustID Fingerprint.
musicip_puid PUIDs were MusicBrainz’ second audio fingerprinting system.
musicip_fingerprint MusicIP Fingerprint
website URL of website
performer:instrument Performer relationship types, instrument can also be vocals.
averageLevel Average gain level.
peakLevel Peak gain level.
notes Similar to comments
key The initial key of the music in the file, e.g. ‘A Minor’.
originalalbum Original release title of the earliest release in the release group intended for the title of the original recording.
originalartist Original track artist of the earliest release in the release group intended for the performer(s) of the original recording.
discogs_artist_id Discogs artist ID
discogs_release_id Discogs release identifier
discogs_label_id Discogs label ID
discogs_master_release_id Discogs master release ID
discogs_votes Discogs votes
discogs_rating Discogs rating
replaygain_track_gain_ratio ReplayGain track gain: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_track_peak_ratio ReplayGain track peak: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_track_gain ReplayGain album gain: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_track_peak ReplayGain track peak: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_album_gain ReplayGain album gain: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_album_peak ReplayGain album peak: {ratio: number, dB: number}
replaygain_undo The global gain adjustment to restore the original values in the left and right channels, respectively, followed by an indicator of whether to wrap
replaygain_track_minmax Minimum & maximum global gain values across a set of files scanned as an album.
category Podcast Category
hdVideo iTunes Video Quality (2=Full HD, 1=HD, 0=SD)
keywords Podcast Keywords
movement Movement
movementIndex Movement Index/Total, e.g. {no: 1, of: 4}
podcastId Podcast Identifier
showMovement Show Movement
stik iTunes Media Type (1=Normal, 2=Audiobook, 6=Music Video, 9=Movie, 10=TV Show, 11=Booklet, 14=Ringtone)

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