Keyboard shortcuts

Global shortcuts

Global shortcuts are available at all times, no matter which part of the application that currently has focus.

Description Windows/Linux OSX
Playback: Play Selected File Space Space
Playback: Play Similarity Src File Shift + Space Shift + Space
Playback: Play Random File Ctrl + Shift + Space Cmd + Shift + Space
Playback: Stop Preview / Recording Escape Escape
Playback: Toggle Recording Mode Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Playback: Toggle Loop Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Playback: Punch-in Recording Ctrl + Shift + R Cmd + Shift + R
File: Open Folder Ctrl + O Cmd + O
File: Create Library Ctrl + N Cmd + N
File: Create Collection Ctrl + Shift + Insert Cmd + Shift + Insert
File: Export Collection Ctrl + E Cmd + E
Edit: Undo Query Change Alt + Left Arrow Alt + Left Arrow
Edit: Redo Query Change Alt + Right Arrow Alt + Right Arrow
Edit: Reset Query Ctrl + Del Cmd + Del
Edit: Search Files Ctrl + F Cmd + F
View Locations Ctrl + Shift + L Cmd + Shift + L
View Collections Ctrl + Shift + C Cmd + Shift + C
View Sidebar Ctrl + B Cmd + B
View: Zoom In Ctrl + Shift + + Cmd + Shift + +
View: Zoom Out Ctrl + Shift + - Cmd + Shift + -
View: Full Screen F11 ???

Local shortcuts

Local shortcuts depend on the part of the user interface that currently has focus.

Description Applies to Windows/Linux OSX
Add to Collection Search results Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Scroll to Previous Column Search Results Arrow Left Arrow Left
Scroll to Next Column Search Results Arrow Right Arrow Right
Exit Similarity Search Search results Shift+Escape Shift+Escape
Seek Back Waveform panel Arrow Left Arrow Left
Seek Forward Waveform panel Arrow Right Arrow Right
Create New Folder Collection Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd+Shift+N
Assign Color Collection Shift+Insert Shift+Insert
Remove Color Collection Shift+Delete Shift+Delete

Tip: Search Results also allow you to start typing in order to select a file. For example, entering “808” will take you to the first sample whose name starts with those letters.

Shared shortcuts

File operations

Description Applies to Windows/Linux OSX
Rename Clipboard F2 F2
Delete Clipboard Delete Delete
Reveal in Finder/Explorer Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+R

Clipboard operations

Description Applies to Windows/Linux OSX
Copy Clipboard Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Paste Clipboard Ctrl+P Cmd+P

List-based widgets

Description Applies to Windows/Linux OSX
Previous Entry All lists Arrow Up Arrow Up
Next Entry All lists Arrow Down Arrow Down
Previous Page All lists Page Up Page Up
Next Page All lists Page Down Page Down
First Entry All lists Home Home
Last Entry All lists End End
Expand Folder Tree widgets Right Arrow Right Arrow
Collapse Folder Tree widgets Left Arrow Left Arrow
Expand Selection Multi-select lists Shift+Up/Down Arrow Shift+Up/Down Arrow
Select All Multi-select lists Ctrl+A Cmd+A

Search Input

Description Windows/Linux OSX
Previous Suggestion Arrow Up Arrow Up
Next Suggestion Arrow Down Arrow Down
Complete Suggestion Tab / Arrow Right Tab / Arrow Right
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