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Jamie Lidell @JamieLidell
so… I stay up at night making all manner of music and I never take the time to organize it. Dont judge. There are folders upon folders with fragments scattered all in subfolders and yeah… it’s a big old mess. I’m not proud but I’m thinking some of you might relate. The organized mind and the making mind occupying different head spaces.. blah blah blah ANYWAY. I was afraid of the pile of jam that I’d made until now. This app lets me scan it all and quickly find the gold. The sound alike function is just bonkers. For sample making and navigating “todays” abundance I highly recommend this!
Will Morton @willmortonaudio
Sononym lets me search my sound library in a completely intuitive way - I ask “find me a sample that sounds like this” and like magic, Sononym does. As a sound designer, it speaks my language. Sononym is a sound designer’s dream come true.
John Tejada @johntejada
Sononym is my new go-to for searching through my sample library. With the similarity search, I’m constantly rediscovering sounds in folders I probably wouldn’t have looked in again. This makes my process go more by ear which I find more enjoyable.
Chase Steele @SoundSparkChase
Often times metadata has to be relied on to find a specific type of sound and more often than not typical language fails at describing sounds that may be alike.
Similarity search is a really great feature for bridging the gap when typical keyword descriptions fail.
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Transcending the clumsy language conventionally deployed to organize sound libraries, Sononym is a sound designer’s best friend and a composer’s dream come true. It might even make you fall in love with your sample collection all over again
Source: Review by Noah Pred.
Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs
As someone who is constantly creating digital audio files in the studio, Sononym has become an essential tool for assessing the potential of my recorded sounds. Being able to search by spectral similarity for example, makes it a versatile compositional tool, much more than a file browser.
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Sononym is magically great in finding sounds in the same „vibe“, that is really fantastic!!!!!!!